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Marvel Heating are a specialist Air Source Heat Pump installer, accredited under Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme currently available in the UK. Your advisor will guide you through the process and explain how things work as well as completing all the paperwork to make things as simple as possible.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps use clever reverse refrigertaion technology to harness heat from the outside Air, even at sub zero temperatures, Although they are powered by electricity these pumps are so efficient that they use as little as one third of the electricity used than heating your home with traditional electric heaters.

ECO3 Boilers

If your boiler is at least 5 yrs old there is a good chance you could benefit from reduced heating costs by switching to one of our new and highly efficient Mains Gas boilers. With Government backed Grants avaialble as an incentive to upgrade, is it time to replace your old boiler and start saving money?

Coverage Areas

Marvel Heating and Renewable Energy are a Doncaster based company, in addition to local installations within Doncaster and South Yorkshire, Marvel Heating can also offer the same high quality service you would expect from a local company throughout the whole of Yorkshire and other areas of the UK.

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Funding & Finance

With Government grants to cover most or in some cases all of the cost of your upgrade to a more energy effiecient heating system there as never been a better time to switch to a greener, cheaper and more sustainable heating sytem. There are currently a range of funding options as well as finance options to make it affordable.

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